Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No Room at the Couch...

Hmm.  there's something about the month of January that harkens me to blogging.  Must be all that resolution stuff that happens at this time of the year. 

It was a quiet and lovely day here.  The day started early with a somewhat slippery drive home from Shenanigan Hill where we spent the last hours of 2012 around a lovely bonfire cooking food and laughing.

 Snow was coming down at a goodly clip and I was thankful there was very little traffic between here and there.  By traffic I mean I met three cars.  :)  I was so happy to be Home.  The house was barely lit, the dog asleep and all was well in the world.  Beautiful out and in.  I love it when a new year starts so wonderfully!

Spent the rest of the day checking in on family.  Had a nice visit up to Mom and Dad's and went over to say Happy New Year to Scuff and the Crew.  Took Aunt C's tree down (part of the deal as I was the one that put it up!) and had a delicious bowl of soup at her house for late lunch.

I admit I came home after that and took a nap.  Like, a two hour  power power-nap.  Upon waking I've been puttering around, getting ready for school tomorrow and trying to decide what to have for supper.  Now, at 9:00, the nap doesn't seem like it was such a good plan and I still haven't decided about supper.  Aaah well. 

So why "No Room at the Couch"?  Precisely because I have wedged myself on the very corner of the couch between the dog and the bookshelf.  The dog has claimed the best spot and the computer cord only reaches so far.  It's comical, really--this contortionist position as the dog pretends to be asleep and the cats stretch diagonally across the rest of (and unreachable by cord) the cushions.  I'm balancing the laptop partially on the dog, partially on my outstretched right leg while my left leg is bent enough so that i can rest my chin on my knee while i type.  Lovely.

I think it'll be a toast and cocoa supper for me tonight...if i can manage to get up :)