Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Waiting on Chickadees

Mother Black Bear and two cubs, posing by the crab apple trees.
Since the bears took down the feeders in early April, there had been nary a black oil seed to be found at Walden III until early December rounded and it felt time to try again.

Because the bears had done a fine, fine job at decimating the hanging feeders (there was no saving them) I found myself in the market for bird feeders for the first time in years. 

I had bought some cheapo plastic tube feeders from Sierra Trading several months before for my house and the birds loved them...but I was after something nice, since they're to be my Mom's Christmas present.

Two sincere feeders, waiting for the Great Chickadee.
I toured every local hardware, feed, garden supply and cutesy store for a decent priced, decent looking feeder and coming up empty at every turn I settled down with the lap top and headed to my other favorite place of business, Amazon.  I admit it.  I ordered from Amazon.

Now two lovely, modest bird feeders once again grace the porch.  They're filled and ready...awaiting the arrival of the multitudes that visited last year.

Except the birds won't come near them. 

Chickadees, blue jays, and a lovely little red breasted nuthatch all are hanging out in the cheap seats and using the ugly, cheapo plastic feeders.  Even the red squirrels have established the red feeders as they Only feeders.

I'm hoping today is the day that the chickadees come to the house feeders.  That they'll suddenly realize the bounty of seed and sincerity and light upon the porch and chip their little chippery calls and all will be well with the world. 

I'll give it another day before I rearrange everything and mix old with new, plastic with wood, known and unknown together.  There's a metaphor for life here somewhere but I'll leave that for another day, too. 

It's all good.

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