Monday, January 18, 2016

In the Quiet

It's early morning quiet here.  Wood fire is burning low after it's 2:00 am stoking, casting orange light throughout the front room.  Snow is falling outside; the plow truck has already gone through but the "morning rush" is hours away.    I'm lingering upstairs before tiptoeing down for the first cup of coffee and making plans for a productive day.

Mostly I'm grateful that the plans I make today have so very little to do with the logistics and repercussions  of Saturday where one of my nearest and dearests was involved in a traffic accident.  We are all very, very, very grateful that The Boy is okay.  As a first responder to the accident I'm especially very, very, very grateful.  It's funny how life works that way...the coincidence of being *there*, *then*...
I'm thankful for this power pole which kept the car from rolling over.

Lots of people believe that things happen for a reason. I can speculate as to the reasons of this but I'd rather trust  we're all being guided and watched over for the best reasons and leave it at that.

This time those best reasons saw The Boy wreck his car on a snowy Saturday morning and be Home by Sunday afternoon, banged up and bruised but okay.   Best reasons have me thinking about the importance of being kind and generous and forgiving of all those around me; of saying "i love you" and meaning it every day.

So, when I do tiptoe downstairs I'll be doing it with a smile and an with a heart filled with appreciation.  Thank you God. Thank you, Dad. 

It's all good.

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